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Synagogue in Radzanów (Piłsudskiego Street 5)

The new synagogue in Radzanów (Piłsudskiego Street 5) was built in 1907 in the area of the wooden synagogue which had burnt down before. During World War II, it was devastated by the Germans and turned into the storehouse of cereal. After the war, it was used as a fertilizer and metal goods storehouse. In 1975 it has been decided that the synagogue is a historic monument. In 1978 it was significantly destroyed in the construction-connected catastrophe. Since 1986, when the building was restored, there has been a library there. [1.1]

The brick synagogue was erected on a rectangular plan with Moorish elements.

On the west side there is a vestibule, which leads to the main hall of prayer in the shape of square. A wooden balustrade of the women's gallery has been retained. The synagogue is equipped with stylized chandeliers and wall lamps.

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[1.1] Archive of New Records, Office for Religious Affairs, sign. 132/282, k. 22, The register of cemeteries and synagogues in "former Jewish communes" as at September 30, 1983

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