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The Jewish cemetery in Pszczyna (Katowicka Street)


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The Jewish cemetery in Pszczyna (Katowicka Street) was founded in 1814. The last reported burial took place in 1937. During World War II the cemetery was not destroyed. Among the people buried within its limits there are: rabbi David Rau, the activist Abraham Muhr and members of famous Jewish families: the Schindlers, Simons, Skutsches, Friedlaenders, Freys and others. In the recent years, a listing has been carried out, during which the names of 250 of the buried have been listed. The tombstones are numbered. The cemetery is fenced with a brick wall and a netting. A mortuary house has survived in the cemetery.

The oldest tombstone was discovered in June 2009. It belongs to Gitel Gutmann, who died on 10th September 1814.

The Cemetery is in the permanent custody of Sławomir Pastuszka, who provides information both on the cemetery and on the local Jewish community. The necropolis is regularly cleaned, and tours for city-dwellers are being organized few times a year.


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