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Synagogue (Kwiatka Street)

Heritage Sites – Synagogues, prayer houses and others
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The synagogue in Płock (Kwiatka Street); erected after 1810; during the occupation it was a seat of the Płock Judenrat; following the war, in 1949, there was a tailor-knitting cooperative situated there. In 1960, the building became the property of the State Treasury. In 1997, it was handed over to the association of kehillas, which resold the right to the building to the town authorities.

The building was erected in the classicistic style. It is oriented and erected on the plan of a rectangle. In the south, an outbuilding with a women's gallery was placed. In the west, there is a gallery supported by pillars, which sticks out. The ceiling of the main hall is supported by longitudinal binding joints which lean on two rows of straight wooden pillars. On the eastern wall, a wooden classicistic frame of Aron ha-Kodesh has survived.

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