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Ghetto in Łomża

Heritage Sites – Sites of martyrdom
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The ghetto in Łomża was established in August 1941, near Senatorska and Rybaki Streets. Jews from Łomża, as well as repatriates and refugees from, among others, Jedwabne, Piątnica and Stawiska were crowded there. The ghetto was liquidated on 1 November 1942. Its inhabitants were deported to the labour camp in Zambrów, from which the majority was taken to the extermination camp in Auschwitz.

In 1986, in the place where a synagogue used to be (burned down in September 1939), a bronze commemorative plaque was placed on a building in Senatorska Street. It was funded by the local community on the 44th anniversary of extermination of Łomża ghetto. On the plaque, under the Star of David, there's an inscription in Polish and Hebrew: "From July 1941 to November 1942 in the streets: Dworna – now 22-go Lipca, Senatorska, Woziwodzka, Zielona, Żydowska – now Zatylna, and Rybaki, the Nazis set up a ghetto, where they exterminated 9,000 Poles of Jewish ethnicity. 3,500 of them were shot in the woods near the villages of Giełczyn and Sławiec. The German occupiers established 15 ghettos in the towns of Łomża region. The tragic fate of around 40,000 people living in them led to the extermination camp in Treblinka. May the memory of them and of those who were helping them in those terrible days last."

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