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Landsmanshafts created by former Jewish inhabitants of Kielce:

The Israeli landsmanshaft – established before World War II by the first emigrants, the landsmanshaft has ca. 600 Israel-based members whose families come from Kielce. Initially, the organisation's aim was to help the people newly arrived to Eretz Israel. After World War II and especially after the 1946 Kielce pogrom, when the number of Jews coming to Israel significantly increased, the organisation broadened the scope of its activity. Apart from welfare, it also offered assistance in finding accommodation and jobs and helped to obtain loans for new businesses. Some of the presidents of the landsmanshaft over the years were Mosze Rotenberg, Szmuel Kligman, Aharon Grandapel, Zalman Kalichsztajn, Zew Kluska, Elazar Arten, Baruch Ajzenberg, Icak Pieskogórski, Mosze Kaminer, Dawid Lewartowski, Szlomo Binoszewicz, Bernard Staszewski, Icak Kajzer. Each year, on the anniversary of the liquidation of the Kielce Ghetto, the landsmanshaft organises a ceremonial service to commemorate the victims.

In 1957, the landsmanshaft published a memorial book in Tel Aviv. It is devoted to the Jewish community of Kielce and is called Sefer Kelts: toldot kehilat Kelts mi-yom hivasdah ve-ʻad hurbanah. The English translation is available at the website of the Yizkor Book Project [Accessed: 30.04.2015]. The original version can be found at the New York Public Library [Accessed: 30.04.2015].

The landsmanshaft in New York – it was established in 1905 by first Jewish migrants from Kielce.

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