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Kielce with the population of 207,000 (2007) is a capital city of Świętokrzyskie Province. Kielce is an administrative and economic centre of the region. The city is important in terms of tourism and culture. Until 1999, it was a capital city of Kieleckie Province. After an administrative reform, it became a capital of a newly created Świętokrzyskie Province.

The city is located in the south-central part of Poland, on the Bobrza Riverand its tributary the Silnica River, in a valley crossing Świętokrzyskie Mountains. Within the city there are animated and inanimate nature reserves, such as Kadzielnia, Karczówka, Ślichowice, Wietrznia, Biesak-Białogon, as well as part of the Chęciny-Kielece Landscape Park.

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