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Jewish cemetery (Pakosz Dolny Street)

Heritage Sites – Cemeteries
Polska / świętokrzyskie

In autumn 2009 - from the initiative of Stowarzyszenie im. Jana Karskiego w Kielcach (the Jan Karski Association in Kielce) and Stowarzyszenie Kielczan w Izraelu (the citizens of Kielce in Israel Association) - was created a Social Committee for the Grave Restoration of the Victims of the Kielce pogrom, composed of: Michael Schudrich – the Chief Rabbi of Poland, Wojciech Lubawski - the mayor of Kielce, Yaacov Kotlicki - the chairman of Stowarzyszenie Kielczan w Izraelu, Bogdan Białek - chairman of Stowarzyszenie im. Jana Karskiego w Kielcach, prof. Marek Cecuła - artist, ceramist, sculptor, and Aleksander Burnstein - businessman. The aim of the committee is to reconstruct of the grave with the ashes of the victims of the pogrom in 1946, which is located on the cemetery in Kielce.This tomb was destroyed due to the elapsed time. The designer of the new tombstone monument and the spatial plan is Marek Cecuła. Bogdan Białek is the coordinator of the Committee and Aleksander Burnstein is the tresurer. Restoration work and cleaning will be partly carried out by inmates in the Detention Centre in Kielce as part of the "Tikkun - naprawa" campaign. Relevant agreement was signed between the direction of Detention and Stowarzyszenie im. Jana Karskiego w Kielcach. Construction of the monument will be funded by municipal authorities and with the donations of private people - the citizens of Kielce. Completion of work is expected in June 2010.

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