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The post-war murder place - Węgierska Street, św. Barbary Street

After the liberation of Kańczuga, on 31 March 1945, at Easter, a dozen of Jews were murdered in two buildings located in Węgierska Street which belonged to the Kriegers and in a house in Św. Barbary Street. Among the victims there were: Izrael Eizig, Chana Krieger, Sima Krieger, Berek Zwanziger, Mindla Salzman, Dojra Bergman, Fajwel Jakubes, Debora Risman, Izrael Reitzfeld[1.1]. Motifs of the crime remain unknown until today. As a result of those tragic events, Jews of Kańczuga who managed to survive the Holocaust left their home town.

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[1.1] Piotr Lipiński "Nikt ich nie tykał", an article in Gazeta Wyborcza, 31.08/01.09.2002

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