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Heritage Sites – Synagogues, prayer houses and others
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The synagogue in 64 Solankowa Street was built in 1907. The construction was managed by J. Baumgarten, an architect from Inowrocław. The ceremony of consecration took place on September 24, 1908. The synagogue was erected on the plan of the Greek cross with arms that were 33 m long. Its design referred to the Byzantine style. A gold-plated ball was placed on top of it. Inside the ball there was kept a description of the Inowrocław community. The monumental construction was destroyed by the Germans in 1939.

The following is a description of the synagogue made by an unknown Jewish man in 1941: "The new synagogue ... was one of the most beautiful in Europe, and maybe in the whole world. ... The emperor Wilhelm II was present at the ceremony of consecration. The synagogue stood in the most beautiful square in the city, in a beautiful garden, and was an amazing temple. The insite was rich with expensive mosaics, light, and the extraordinary ceiling, onto which the light from two high windows shone. Through one of the windows one could see the grandeur of God, through the ogher, the Star of David. The temple could be compared to the most beautiful in the world. Today, there is a rose garden in its place. The synagogue was ceremonially burnt down." (Source: the Archives of Emanuel Ringelblum Jewish Historical Institute, account no 819)

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