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New Synagogue

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The New Synagogue in Częstochowa (ul. Wilsona 16) was built between 1899 and 1909. A school for chazzans was formed just next to the synagogue and on January 17, 1937, the Institute of Judaism was opened there. During World War II, already in September 1939, the Germans devastated and plundered the synagogue. On December 25, 1939, the synagogue was burnt down. For many years after the war only its ruins were preserved. In 1955 the local authorities made a decision to build the Concert Hall in Częstochowa on that place.

In the building of the Concert Hall there is a commerative plague with the following inscription in Polish, English, Hebrew and Yiddish: "This is the site of the "New Synagogue", which was burnt by Nazi barbarians on 25th Dec. 1939. This action started the extermination of Jews in Czestochowa. The building of the state philharmonic hall was erected on the remains of the New Synagogue"

In August 2007 when the basement of the Concert Hall was being renovated and adjusted to the office of Częstochowskie Stowarzyszenie Jazzowe (the Jazz Association in Częstochowa), the remains of the limestone wall which formed the foundations of the synagogue were found. In the debris, which must have been used for filling the empty spaces in the wall, the reconstruction workers descovered a piece of a window cornice. A nook closed with a pillar was discovered at the wall and next to it – a construction arch. The entire discovered fragments of the synagogue have been displayed.

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