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Polska / mazowieckie

Synagogen, Gebetshäuser und andere Friedhöfe Orte der Martyrologie Judaica in Museen Sonstiges


Woiwodschaft:mazowieckie / warszawskie (vor 1939)
Bezirk:miński / miński (vor 1939)
Gemeinde:Kałuszyn / Kałuszyn (vor 1939)
Andere Namen:קאלושין [j. jidysz]; Калушин [j. rosyjski]
52.2067° N / 21.8084° E
52°12'24" N / 21°48'30" E



Kałuszyn | David J. Waxman

Kałuszyn is situated in Mińsk County, Masovian Voivodeship, with 2.900 inhabitants (as of 2006). It is located on the Kałuszyn Upland, near the sources of a  lot of rivers (so called the Kałuszyn intersection).




Tora odnaleziona w Kałuszynie | Przemysław Jaczewski

In the 17th century, an independent Jewish community was formed here. In 1768 a synagogue was erected but then burnt down in 1783. After 1787 a new synagogue was built near the Old Square.

In 1827, 145 Jews lived here (80% of the whole population). Towards the end of the 19th century a rabbi- Meir Szalom Rabinowicz from Kałuszyn became famous. In 1902, the synagogue burnt down in a great fire.

In the interwar period, in 1921, 5,033 Jews lived here, which made up 82% of the population. There was a synagogue and 5 houses of prayer. In 1931, 7.256 Jews lived here.

During World War II, in September 1939, Kałuszyn was occupied by the German Army. In September 1942, the Germans sent the first transport of the Jews from Kałuszyn to the extermination camp in Treblinka.
The rest of them were closed in a ghetto. The sealing of the ghetto took place before December 1942. All the Jewish people (8.000) were then sent to the extermination camp in Treblinka.





Kałuszyn | Marcin Wygocki

The village of Kałuszyn was first mentioned in 1416.In 1718 Kałuszyn was granted its town charter.

Since 1795 Kałuszyn was under Austrian rule, since 1809 it transferred to the Duchy of Warsaw, and since 1815 it belonged to the Kingdom of Poland (Congress Poland). During the November Uprising, in 1830, 3 battles against the Russian Army were fought near Kałuszyn. During the January Uprising, in 1863, Polish insurgents defeated the Russian Army near Kałuszyn.

During World War II, in September 1939, there was a lot of heavy fighting between Polish troops and the German armoured division.




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